Glossybox – May 2016

Hello all!

I’m here with the contents of my May 2016 Glossybox, which I am very, very happy with.  However, I have some concerns about one of the brands featured (more on that later).  Here is a photo of the box in its entirety.


Props to Glossybox for beautiful packaging!  I turned an item or two around, but my box arrived arranged just like this.  Beautiful job!

And here is a list of each item and it’s retail value:

I haven’t had the chance to try out all of the items here.  I must say, I LOVE the Benefit roller lash mascara.  I may have found my new favorite brand.  I fell in love with this stuff immediately, but I haven’t yet tried it for a full day of wear (I did sample it when we went out to dinner last night, though and it held up great).

So far, I like the Talika moisturizer.  It is lightweight and absorbs easily, but it is lightly perfumed.  I will certainly use this but I’m not convinced I’ll purchase it (yet, that can always change).

I intend to try out the shower foam later today.  It smells awesome!  …But my scent doesn’t appear on their website.  It’s called Tao | TaiChi with white lotus and li li yen (pictured here).

The hair stuff I’m less sure about.  It is fine “thin to normal” hair.  Technically, my hair is very fine but I have TONS AND TONS of it so it doesn’t matter.  My hair is very curly, and I think it needs NO HELP AT ALL looking any thicker.  I might give it a shot, though – AFTER the wedding I’m supposed to attend tomorrow! lol  I may also let my husband try it (although he doesn’t need it either, but his hair isn’t curly like mine).

Now…. onto that “Adore” product.  Here is a photo of the product card Glossybox sends out to start us off.


At first, that RV number made my eyes fall out of my head.  But then I remembered the Orogold items from past boxes, Vine Vera from past boxes, Dead Sea Cosmetics (never gotten this in a box)… all of these brands are problematic and dishonest to one degree or another.  I recommend you check out Yelp for reviews of these companies, especially Adore and Vine Vera since Glossybox has sent those in the past.

These brands practice VERY predatory sales tactics and the prices are wildly inflated (if you can’t afford it, magically the sales rep will slash the price by 80% or 90%…).

Personally, I don’t mind getting these samples.  In fact, I am very happy Glossybox sends them.  This gives me the opportunity to learn about a brand from a safe distance and sample the products myself.  For example, I actually loved the Vine Vera sample.  I would not drop the full price on it, but it really did make my dark spots DISAPPEAR (crazy!) and I never would have tried it based only on the online reviews.  But I think people need to be AWARE of the problems with these brands.

I did try the serum last night and enjoyed it.  I can tell this sample will last a LONG time.  A little goes a long way and the texture is like nothing I’ve ever used in a skincare product.  Time will tell if it’s useful for my skin or not!  I’m glad Glossybox gives me the opportunity to try products like this first hand.  I also live in a rural area, and would normally NEVER have access to anything like this in a store.

All in all, very very happy.  The shampoo/conditioner is a bit off for me, but I’m not worried about it. 🙂


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