Glossybox – May 2016 Spoiler

Hello everyone!

Liz over at My Subscription Addiction recently posted a spoiler item for May’s Glossybox.  Personally, I’m happy with it.  It’s a high retail value item and I’ve been getting more into skincare lately, so I’m pleased to see this.


Here‘s the website for the product (full size is 50ml for $65).  A lot of people were very displeased with the April 2016 Glossybox… although as I said, I actually really loved mine.  I was very happy.  I’m looking forward to see what is in my May box and what the public reception looks like for this time around.

I am still trying to decide if I want to keep Glossybox after my prepaid deal from Gilt City runs out.  If I can get another awesome Black Friday deal, I very well might!  But honestly, I’m not sure I’d be willing to pay full price for this sub.  What about you?


PopSugar Must Have – May 2016 Spoiler Item

Hello again friends.

PSMH has released the first spoiler item for the May 2016 box.  Here it is:


This item is listed at $25 here.  This item is a facial spray using essential oils (peppermint and eucalyptus) designed to relax you.  The website also says this may provide some relief from nasal congestion from colds or allergies.

What do you guys think of this spoiler?  Responses I’ve seen so far are mixed, but I’m happy about this!  I’m a HUGE fan of peppermint.  It’s the type of item I would not buy for myself, but I will totally use.  Plus, this company donates a portion of their sales to animal rescues in the U.S. and Canada, which is awesome.

I think I’ll be keeping this at my office for those stressful moments…!  Or perhaps by the night stand for pre-bed relaxation?  Choices.  I’m excited for the May PopSugar box!  I actually very much enjoyed April 2016 (although it was a dud for some), and now I’m really looking forward to the rest of May’s items!  What about you?


PopSugar Must Have – May 2016 Spoiler Themes

PopSugar Must Have has posted their spoiler themes and inspiration for the May 2016 box!  Their Facebook page notes: “Get ready to breathe deeply and find your center with these zen goodies.”


Personally, I’m excited about this theme.  Summer is the time of year when I am most active, and it’s a time I focus on health and wellness for myself.  What do you think?


Life Update – Luxor Box May 2016 Spoiler

….I caved after about a week of waffling (WITH MY HUSBAND’S BLESSING, I SWEAR!!).  I bit the bullet and subscribed to Luxor Box.  Luxor Box is a bi-monthly subscription box (although they have “limited edition” offerings on many “off” months for $200, it seems) with a curated offering of 5-9 full-size “high-end, luxurious spa products, top-shelf beauty products, jewelry, apparel, home accessories and unique treasures from around the world. Only full size products with a value of $275+ per delivery.”

The next box is May 2016, with a promised retail value of $385.  The subscription is $129 (USD), billed every other month.  Note: You must pay with a PayPal account!

Luxor is relatively new on the box scene at about ~1 year of age.  In addition to being very impressed with their previous offerings, part of why I chose to subscribe was a recent snafu regarding the spoiler item they released for May 2016.

Essentially, the spoiler item was a (theoretically) $70 clutch/wallet/thing for a box with promised value of $350.  The problem?  Subscribers noted an apparently identical item available at Wal-Mart for $28.  Although Luxor Box later came out and said that the clutch in their box was a new item that was indeed priced at $70 retail, they ultimately pulled the item due to subscriber push back and replaced it:


This is the first time I have ever seen a company respond in this manner and I was so impressed.  They didn’t just take notes for the next box – they worked fast and updated their offerings immediately to keep customers happy.  The new spoiler also upped the box value to $385.  How awesome!  Good customer service really matters to me, and that’s part of what pushed me to decide to give them my money.

I’m hoping the pattern of the tumbler is one I’m a fan of. :3 (You can peek at the selection here.)


I am Pandora, and I opened a box

Hello lovelies.

I have become the Pandora of subscription boxes.  I opened one (actually, it was an Ipsy bag, but I digress) and haven’t seemed to stop opening them since.

By way of introduction, I’m a doctoral student on the east coast of the United States.  I am married, and my husband remains (thankfully) bemused by my interest in boxes and is – so far – not too bothered by it.

I will be doing reviews of my boxes here, largely to catalogue which items I love, like, and never want to see again.  Maybe this will be useful information to some of you folks out there as well.  Currently, I subscribe to:

  • PopSugar Must Have
  • Glossybox (Gilt City deal from Nov. 2015)
  • Play! by Sephora
  • Luxor Box

I am eyeballing the Luxor box, but haven’t taken the plunge yet.  I was with Ipsy for about 3 months before giving up on that, but that’s a story for another time.  In any event, nice to meet you.